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Web Service
Each pet registered with the PetTrakr service is given a unique web page.
This page is your pet's presence on the internet, and where your pets information is available to people that find your pet in the event they are lost.
While this information is immediately available to people who find your pet, at PetTrakr we care about your privacy. You decide what is available, and when your pet is not reported to us as missing, nothing is available on the internet for the public to view.
Alert & Notification Service
Time is critical when you lose a pet. Sometimes the most important thingss that you can do are lost in the moment, sometimes they are not possible. PetTrakr, does all of this for you.
As soon as you report to us that your pet is missing, we go to work. We immediately send out notifications to all of the Veterinarians, Animal Shelters and Animal control agencies within a five mile radius of where your pet was lost. You may not know the location and contact numbers of these places and the time to find them would be be better spent looking for your pet.
Tracker Service
If two sets of eyes are better than one, how about hundreds?
Put the social aspect of PetTrakr to work for you. We have an ever growing list of volunteer "PetTrakrs" that will be notified in addition to Veterinarians & Shelters.
They've requested to be notified and want to help. With PetTrakr, you have a team of people ready to look for your pet the minute you report them lost.
Want to join the team? Register to become a PetTrakr!
Track Notifications
The moment your pet's tag is scanned, you will be notified by eMail of their location.
Your notification eMail includes a map indicating where your pet was found and even can provide directions to that location via Apple Maps or Google Maps.
So you can be reunited with your pet as soon as possible. View a sample notification eMail!
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