ID Tag - QR Tag - Microchip Which should I get?

We consider our QR Tags to be the ultimate pet id tag, they link to information that is vital to the return of your pet without the need for your pet to wind up having to go to an animal shelter or vet's office. Let's face it. There are many people that would like to help return your pet to you if unfortunately your pet should become lost, but not if they are going to have to go through a lot of trouble.
Old fashioned tags, that print your name your pet's name and your phone number can quickly become out dated, who want's to keep replacing tags?

Phone Service Tags are available to give basic information to re-unite lost pets with their owners, if the person wants to take the time to call the service and sit on hold or worse yet have to hold on and wait for you to call the service back. While people may want to help they may not have the time or desire to do this.

Like a microchip, our computer data files have the owners address, and phone numbers, veterinarian names and numbers. In addition to this, we also can have a photo of your pet, their medical history, any information on special diet needs, any urgent medical conditions requiring medication, and more!

This information is not readily available by any other means, Not with id tags, phone tags or microchips. Every other means of identification, requires a multi-step process to try and gather information.
Our Pet Trakr Tag has all the information of a microchip and more immediately available and at less than half of the cost. But Wait! There's More! a Pet Trakr tag is visible to someone helping a lost pet. There is no need to go from vet to vet or animal shelter and wait until they are open to find the correct scanner needed to read a chip. Just scan our QR Code with any smart phone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) which most people have these days, or call our toll-free number and we'll connect the person who found your pet and you. If your tag is scanned, we will also have the exact location at which your pets tag was scanned, and the time. This information is sent immediately to you via email or text message.

Also, there is no chance the tag could cause a medical problem in the pet like a chip. Remember, the chip makers say they are safe. But what proof do we have of this? Would you allow someone to install a microchip in you or your children? There are countless "safe" things in the medical field that turn out to be anything but safe.
The bottom line is this. When it comes to Pet ID tags, There are no better tags then Pet Trakr Tags. If you feel that a microchip is more permanent, then think of this. Wouldn't you want to have every chance possible to have your pet returned as quickly and stress free as possible? There are NO reasons not to have a Pet Trakr Tag Get Your Pet Trakr Tag Today!

Check out our services page for a complete list of all the services that you get with the purchase of your Pet Trakr Tag.

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