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 My pet already has an ID Tag why should I get another one?
Old fashioned tags, that print your name your pet's name and your phone number can quickly become out dated, who want's to keep replacing tags?
 Aren't chips better because they can't be lost?
A PetTrakr tag is visible to someone helping a lost pet. There is no need to go from vet to vet or animal shelter and wait until they are open to find the correct scanner needed to read a chip.
Also there is the possibility that RFID Chips cause medical problems.
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 What about GPS tags?
Everybody is advertising "GPS" Tracking devices for your pet these days.
The truth is, all of these devices require batteries and a monthly subscription similar to cellular telephone service to work.
The Batteries only last for a very short period of time before they need to be recharged, once the battery dies this device is useless.
 What if my pet is stolen?
Will this tag offer much benefit if your pet is stolen?
In a word no, but then again, neither will a regular tag, GPS tag or Microchip.
 Is it required to renew my subscription?, What happens if I don't?
After your initial tag purchase, you will receive the full benefit of all of the services that PetTrakr offers.
If you choose not to renew, you will still have the benefit of a PetTrakr tag, but some of the services that we offer will not be available.
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